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MIP Classes Online

Alcohol Awareness Programs, also known as MIP classes, are for Minor in Possession and other Texas alcohol related offenses. DADAP has been approved as an ONLINE substitute for traditional in-person MIP classes.

Our 100% online Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program is State approved for the use of Texas courts when referring offenders to remedial training for certain drug and alcohol related offenses such as Minor in Possession charges.

You can sign up below if a Texas judge or court has given you permission to attend DADAP online to satisfy your requirement for MIP class attendance.

DADAP Online is approved by the State of Texas (TEA / TDLR) for a number of applications. These include:

  • Court Ordered – Alcohol / drug related offenses
  • Insurance Discount – Save money
  • Driver Ed Recertification – For Texas driver ed instructors
  • Fleet Training – General safety awareness program

Which Texas law authorizes the use of DADAP as a substitute for in-person MIP classes?

The use of DADAP as a substitute for MIP classes and alcohol awareness classes is authorized by Section 106.115 of the Alcoholic Beverage Code, which says that if a defendant is put on deferred disposition or convicted under Section 106.02, 106.25, 106.04, 106.041, 106.05, or 106.07, the court shall require the defendant to attend an alcohol awareness program approved by the Department of State Health Services or a Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program approved by the Texas Education Agency. Also, Section 469.007 of the Texas Health & Safety Code reads in part, "In addition to using a drug court program established under Section 469.002, the commissioners court of a county or a court may use other drug awareness or drug and alcohol driving awareness programs to treat persons convicted of drug or alcohol related offenses." So DADAP is an acceptable option by courts / judges for a variety of drug and alcohol offenses in Texas, including but not limited to the offense of possession of alcohol by a minor (MIP).

Click here for more information regarding the use of DADAP as an alternative to MIP classes.

DADAP has been developed to teach students exactly why drinking / using drugs and driving is always a dangerous and often a deadly decision. DADAP covers relevant Texas alcohol laws and the penalties associated with these laws. Students are taught that they have three Attitude States – the Parent Attitude State, the Adult Attitude State, and the Child Attitude State – and one or more of these states can be in control of our behavior at any given time. By remaining in the Adult Attitude State, they can make responsible decisions.

The alcohol awareness programs (MIP classes) approved by the Department of State Health Services (formerly TCADA) are only available in a live classroom format. The Texas Education Agency has approved of Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Programs in an online format. Our program is the first online course of its kind. Courts and judges requiring the completion of Alcohol Awareness Programs / MIP classes for alcohol and drug offenses have the option under Texas law to accept online DADAP, but each case and situation is unique, so we recommend that you verify eligibility and acceptance prior to enrolling on our site.

Which Texas laws govern attendance of MIP classes?

Texas' minor in possession laws are related in Chapter 106 of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code. These laws address, among other things, individuals under the age of 21 who have possessed or had contact with an alcoholic beverage. Section 106.01 and other applicable sections of Texas law state the following regarding minors in possession:

106.01(a) A minor commits an offense if the minor purchases an alcoholic beverage. A minor does not commit an offense if the minor purchases an alcoholic beverage under the immediate supervision of a commissioned peace officer engaged in enforcing the provisions of this code.

106.01(b) An offense under this section is punishable as provided by Section 106.071.

106.025(a) A minor commits an offense if, with specific intent to commit an offense under Section 106.02 of this code, the minor does an act amounting to more than mere preparation that tends but fails to effect the commission of the offense intended.

106.025(b) An offense under this section is punishable as provided by Section 106.071.

The information given above defines a minor in possession offense as any type of control by a minor over an alcoholic beverage unless the minor: 1) has had contact with alcohol as part of his or job (and the employer is allowed to sell alcohol); 2) has had contact with alcohol while in the presence of his or her parent or legal guardian with their permission; or 3) has had contact with alcohol while assisting a commissioned peace officer in the enforcement of the law. MIP classes are sometimes ordered for offenders who are convicted under any of the sections shown above.

Note: DADAP is not a defensive driving course and cannot be used to dismiss a Texas traffic ticket. Instead, you must take a ticket dismissal course (a/k/a driving safety course).

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