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About DADAPonline.com

DADAPonline.com® (TDLR license #C2414) is owned and operated by TicketSchool.com. TicketSchool.com is state approved and licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) as a DADAP course provider (License #DA001) and as an online school (License #C1995). The purpose of this site is to provide a simple and convenient Internet-based Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) for customers that need to complete a course for an alcohol / drug related offense, or want to take a course for an insurance discount.

DADAP can be taken for alcohol and drug related offenses, or voluntarily for insurance discount purposes.

Read DADAP course details if you would like to know more about this helpful program.

Our Mission Is Education and Awareness

We take great care to develop quality educational courses that are up to date, easy to understand, and use the latest technology to ensure an enjoyable and problem-free learning experience.

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