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Drug and Alcohol Education Course

Fortunately, Texas judges may now have the option to accept Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Programs (DADAP) for violations such as the following:

  • Purchase of alcohol by a minor
  • Attempt to purchase alcohol by a minor
  • Consumption of alcohol by a minor
  • Driving or operating watercraft under the influence of alcohol by a minor
  • Possession of alcohol by a minor (MIP)
  • Public intoxication by a minor (PI)
  • Misrepresentation of age by a minor

If you are considering attending DADAP online for your violation, please check with your court / judge first to make sure they will accept a DADAP online course certificate prior to registration. The most popular reasons people sign up for the DADAP / drug and alcohol education course online include:

  • Court Ordered – Alcohol / drug related offenses
  • Insurance Discount – Save money
  • Fleet Training – General safety awareness program

Our online DADAP course was created to satisfy the needs of Texas courts pertaining to the education of drivers who have committed certain drug and / or alcohol related offenses.

Our DADAP course addresses drug and alcohol education by thoroughly explaining how alcohol and drugs affect the body and mind and also how these substances can contribute to risky decisions behind the wheel, since the number one killer of teens in Texas is vehicular crashes.

More significantly, DADAP explains how attitude states control behavior, and how the driver can avoid the pitfalls of a DWI or other drug or alcohol related incident by choosing to stay in the Adult Attitude State, especially when behind the wheel.

What is the drug and alcohol education course like?

Our online drug and alcohol education course contains the following features:

  • Up to date technology (animations and video, etc.) keeps students' attention
  • Professional presentation (no animated gifs or banner ads to interrupt the learning process)
  • Convenient course access (24 / 7 / 365 availability)
  • Easy to read format (no "endless pages" of statistics)
  • Traffic crash case studies that teach collision avoidance strategies
  • Real first person accounts of the tragic effects of alcohol-related crashes

How can I be sure this course is accepted by my Texas court?

The only surefire way to know is to contact the court to verify whether completing a six-hour online DADAP program is acceptable by the court for your drug and alcohol education course. For more information about how this drug and alcohol education course can be used by courts, please read our information for Texas courts page.

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