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DADAP is now available online for a Texas auto insurance discount OR for court ordered attendance for certain drug and alcohol related offenses.

Click the REGISTER NOW button to begin registration for your online Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program – the first program of its kind approved for Texas drivers!

This DADAP online course may be an acceptable option for the following attendance types:

  • Court Ordered – Most drug / alcohol / traffic related offenses
  • Auto Insurance Discount – Save money
  • Fleet Training – General safety awareness program

DADAP stands for Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program. DADAP uses a unique interactive approach to teach exactly about the dangerous effects of alcohol and drugs on the body, your life, and on the driving task. Our program is the first online DADAP, which you can sign up for right here on this website.

That's right, DADAPonline.com is the first company to offer the Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) on the Internet. This 6-hour course may be an option for individuals who have been ordered by a Texas judge or court to complete a drug and alcohol awareness program and have received approval from the court or magistrate. DADAP has been developed by Driver Training Associates, Inc., Texas' traffic safety leader since 1977.

DADAP Attendance for Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses

Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Programs (DADAP) have become widely accepted as an option for drug and alcohol offenses. However, each case is unique, so it is important to verify your eligibility to complete an online DADAP course prior to registration. It is a more flexible and convenient option when compared to the traditional classroom only Alcohol Awareness Program offered by other state agencies. The 6-hour program allows you to take the course from anywhere with Internet access, 24 hours by seven days a week.

DADAP Attendance for a Texas Insurance Discount

Many Texas auto insurance providers give discounts for completing a DADAP course. With insurance rates these days, any savings helps, so contact your agent today and find out if you can save any money by completing a DADAP course.

NOTE: DADAP is not a defensive driving course and cannot be used to dismiss a Texas traffic ticket. If you need a ticket dismissal course (driving safety course), click here.

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