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DADAP Course Educational Content

One aspect of the DADAP course that makes it stand out from other similar types of educational programs is that it captures students' attention in a number of novel ways:

  • Open-ended video-based "case histories" that re-enact specific scenarios.
  • Compelling first-person accounts of how the use of alcohol and drugs can lead to tragic consequences.
  • Exercises that ask students to examine their behavior and make a commitment to safer behaviors.

The online DADAP course includes interactive exercises, quizzes, video segments, and state-of-the-art graphics.

Screen shots of Texas DADAP online course

The DADAP course contains colorful graphics, animations and videos.

Another distinctive feature of the DADAP course is that it is the only course of its kind to use Dr. Eric Berne's groundbreaking theory of Transactional Analysis (TA) to teach students how their Child and Parent Attitude States can influence their decisions regarding the use of alcohol or drugs, as well as the decisions they make if they also decide to get behind the wheel of an automobile. Throughout the course, students are taught that abstinence is the only way to remain in the Adult Attitude State (the logical, rational decision making state), and that this is the only Attitude State in which effective and risk-free behavior can take place.

The DADAP course not only provides students with valuable information about drugs, alcohol, and driving safety, it also asks them to examine their own behavior within the framework of Transactional Analysis. In teaching students an effective strategy for making intelligent, low-risk decisions, the DADAP course challenges students to act responsibly in the future.